Doors & Windows


Aluminium doors

Aluminium doors are widely used in commercial properties for they are durable and add strength. The durability , Strength, and Stability of doors made from aluminium are there biggest advantage

Glass Doors

One of the major benefits of commercial glass doors is that they provide flexibility in the form of customization. The number of panel, Size, colour and more can be customized for your specific project.

Door Partitions

The door partition are used to divide office space according to demand make more reasonable use of Space to satisfy office use. It mainly applies to an officer, far field, size conference room, Hotel multi Function hall, High end Villas, Colleges, Banks, Hospitals etc.


Aluminium windows

Offering the ideal blend of unmatched aesthetics and advanced functionallity. Our aluminium windows are capable of taking the oomph factor of any space to the ultimate level. They are manufactured and designed with precision to meet the unique requirements of every customer. Customised windows are also available

UPVC Windows

Reinforced with galavanized steal, uPVC windows are an all weather option . we at AIS windows, Promise durable, High quality uPVC frames that will last for generations to come. Additionally, features like security against burglaries, thermal insulation and corrosion resistance perfectly blend with your living space.