Exterior glazing

Structural Glazing

Sai Glazing designs and install structural glazing for commercial, public sectors and residential properties. Whether you need two-side or four-side frame glazing, our team would meet your requirement without any flaws.

Stick Glazing

Stick glazing is a part of structural glazing where the outline verticals or the mullions and the glass boards are erected and associated piece by piece.

Spider Glazing

Suggesting the best Spider glazing system. Glasses that are catapulted with extravagant stainless steel installations which gives an uninterrupted view of the exterior and interior 

Semi Unitized Glazing

Semi Unitized glazing where the primary framing composts are raised separately as an erector set. In this set, the vertical mullions are connected first to the floor chunks and the horizontals are connected to the vertical mullions to resemble a framework 

Unitized Glazing

Unitized Glazing system is composed of large units that are pre-assembled and glazed in plant before shipping to the building for installation. The framing is connected to the building structure and does not carry the floor or roof loads of the building 

Conventional Curtain Wall glazing

Conventional Curtain Wall glazing for commercial , Public Sectors and Residential properties. Our team would meet your requirement without any flaws.